1. Who is PTC Pte Ltd?
Pioneer Training Centre (PTC) was established in 2009, specialised in conducting Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) related courses. PTC is an ATO accredited by SkillsFuture Singapore(SSG), Learning Service Provider (LSP) accredited by Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC), and Approved Training Institute (ATI) accredited by SCDF.
2. Where is PTC Located? Are you near to MRT station?
Please click here to view our location map and suggested ways to reach PTC. We are only about 450 meters away from Pioneer MRT station. Please click here to view the detail map. Bus services are available conveniently near to our centre.
3. What are PTC’s operating hours?
We operate from 0830 hrs to 1730 hrs, Monday to Friday, except gazetted public holidays.
4. Do you conduct any courses during weekends or holidays?
Yes, we do conduct courses in the evenings, weekend & public holiday.For further details, please contact our hotline at 9833 8332 or 63163290 or log in to our website for more details.
5. Can PTC conduct courses at our site office?
Yes, we can conduct WSQ courses at clients’ location unless stated otherwise.
6. Are the courses conducted at PTC recognised by the authorities?
Yes, all our courses are accredited by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), Learning Service Provider (LSP) accredited by Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC), and Approved Training Institute (ATI) accredited by SCDF.
7. How do I enroll in a course?
You can either call our hotline 9833 8332 or 6316 3290; download the PDF enrolment form from our website & email to us at pioneertrg@singnet.com.sg or fax to 6316 3265; fill up the online booking form or walk in to our reception office to enrol.
8. When can I be sure of my enrollment?
We will send a confirmation letter to you immediately unless stated otherwise.
9. How do I pay the course fees?
You can pay via NETS, Cheque or Cash.
10. How do I get to know more about the courses?
You may : - Call our hotline: 9833 8332 / 63163290 - Browse our website - Fill up the enquiry form within our web site
11. What if I fall sick or encounter emergency situation when attending the course ?
You may postpone or cancel the course according to our policy. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for Course Registration & Refund Policy.
12. What shall I do if I fail the course assessment? (What if I am assessed as Not Yet Competent?)
For learners who failed the course assessment, they are required to retake the whole course. We may consider for discount rate for such recourse on a case by case basis. For those learners who had taken WSQ program and not yet competent, they will be coached until achieving competency unless otherwise.
13. What if I am not satisfied or agreeable with the assessment results?
You may appeal for a review if you are not satisfied or agreeable with the assessment results. Please go to the Enquiry/Feedback form and submit a feedback to PTC. Our person-in-charge will contact you upon receiving such request.
14. Can I come with my own transport vehicle?
Yes, there are parking lots available in the surrounding industrial complex.
15. How can I give feedback on your course / organisation ?
Please use the enquiry/feedback form to provide us your valuable feedback for our continuous improvement process. Your information will be treated with the strictest confidentiality and used only for review purpose.
16. Who is eligible to enrol for the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH)courses ?
Our courses are open to everybody, i.e. workers, supervisors, managers, professionals and employers. For more details, pleasecall our hotline at 9833 8332 / 63163290.
17. After confirmation and payment of course fees, am I allowed to withdraw or replace or change course dates?
Yes, you are allowed to replace with another candidate or change to another course date subject to the terms and conditions stipulating booking and refund policy.
18. Will I be eligible for SSG grant?
Participants who are Singapore citizen or Singapore PR and sponsored by the company are eligible for grants. Please call SSG at 67855785 or log in to www.skillsconnect.gov.sg for more information.
19. Do I get a safety pass and /or certificate after passing the assessment/exam?
20. I lost my certificate / safety pass. Can I get a replacement ?
Yes. A replacement fee of $20 inclusive of GST is required as processing fee.
21. Are these courses conducted in the native languages of my workers ?
Yes we do conduct courses in English, Tamil, Bengali, Malay and Mandarin. Please check our website for the courses that you are interested.
22. Are there assessment / test for these courses?
Yes. All our courses include assessment as per regulatory requirements. You can go to the individual courses for more details.
23. Are there any requirements to be eligible for assessment / test?
Yes, participants are required to attain at least 75% or 100% attendance. (whichever is applicable)
24. After payment and confirmation of course date with PTC, can I withdraw/cancel ?
You are allowed to replace with another candidate or change to another course date subject to the terms and conditions stipulating booking and refund policy. Postponement will be done on a case by case basis.
25. Are the quoted course fees inclusive of GST?
Yes. All course fees quoted are inclusive of GST.
26. Do you offer discounts when I have a regular group of participants to attend?
We give promotional discounts from time to time. You can visit our website for more information or call our hotline at 9833 8332 / 63163290.
27. Can I send a representative of my company to collect the certificates?
Yes, your representative can collect the certificates with a Company Authorisation letter.
28. Are car parks/ canteens/amenities available at your centre?
Car-parks are available in surrounding buildings; canteens and amenities are within easy reach.
29. Booking & Refund Policy
Terms & Conditions for Course Registration & Refund • A Letter of Confirmation on the training date will be issued upon confirmation of your registration. • Full payment for the training can be made by cheque, cash or NETS upon confirmation. Payment should be made prior to course commencement date. • Certificates and Passes will not be released unless full payment is received. • No refund of fees allowed for cancellations of classes or absence of participants on the day of course commencement. However, for such cases, PTC would advise rescheduling or replacement of candidate provided a valid reason & evidence is given. • Full Course fee will be chargeable for absent on course date without valid reason & evidence. • Refund of fees is only on case by case basis, when the participants can show they were medically unfit or postponement or replacement is not possible by any means, • PTC reserves the right to alter or cancel class and / or venue without liability. • PTC reserves the right to revise the course materials to meet SSG / MOM requirements.
30. Will my personal data be protected by your organisation ?
Yes, your personal data will only be used strictly relating to training course which you've attended at our centre. We need to use your data for authentication, submission to government authorities who accredited the courses, e.g. SSG, SCDF and etc.  In additional, we have our organisation PDPA Policy in place for compliance to prevailing Singapore regulations.


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